Priyanka Meher Songs

Priyanka Mehar Songs

Priyanka Mehar is a gifted and multifaceted vocalist who has won over music lovers with her lovely voice and outstanding performances. Priyanka Mehar has established herself as a leading figure in the music industry thanks to a broad repertoire that displays her talent and adaptability. Five of her engaging songs are examined in this article: “Dhai Hathe Dhameli Mashakbeen,” “Gumai De,” “Nind Chori,” “Ainshu ka Baras,” and “Ransingh Bajo.” As we explore the beauty and charm of Priyanka Mehar’s captivating tunes, we invite you to join us on this musical trip.

“Dhai Hathe Dhameli Mashakbeen”:

Dhai Hathe Dhameli is a vibrant and foot-tapping folk song that captures the essence of Uttarakhandi culture. It is released with a burst of energy and rhythm. This classic song is given a lively twist by Priyanka Mehar’s upbeat performance, which instantly wins over listeners. The song’s addictive melody and captivating beats will keep you engrossed and wanting more.

“Gumai De”:

With “Gumai De,” Priyanka Mehar demonstrates her vocal prowess and versatility. This catchy song combines elements of folk and current music to create a seamless synthesis that appeals to a broad audience. The poignant lyrics and Priyanka Mehar’s moving performance of “Gumai De” induce longing and nostalgia, making it the ideal pick for those who value soul-stirring tunes.

“Nind Chori”:

Nind Chori is a heartfelt ballad that touches people’s emotions. The emotive words of the song are skillfully conveyed by Priyanka Mehar’s expressive vocals. This song offers comfort to individuals who seek consolation in music thanks to its melodic arrangement and calming tones. Whether you’re experiencing heartbreak or are just longing for peace, “Nind Chori” will emotionally connect with you on a very deep level.

“Ainshu ka Baras”:

In “Ainshu ka Baras,” Priyanka Mehar transports listeners on an intense and passionate poetic journey. Strong beats and energising vocals propel this impactful tune, which has a long-lasting effect. The composition’s fusion of traditional and modern components demonstrates Priyanka Mehar’s aptitude for fusing many musical genres. “Ainshu ka Baras” is proof of Priyanka Mehar’s talent and her capacity to inject new life into folk music.

“Ransingh Bajo”

Ransingh Bajo is a celebration of the colourful musical traditions of the area, drawing inspiration from the rich folk legacy of Uttarakhand. The song is given life and vibrancy by Priyanka Mehar’s powerful performance, which carries listeners right into the centre of the festivities. “Ransingh Bajo” is an appealing melody that will have you tapping your feet and singing along thanks to the rhythmic beats and the contagious chorus.


Priyanka Mehar is a significant figure in the music industry thanks to her beautiful voice and exceptional talent. Songs like “Dhai Hathe Dhameli Mashakbeen,” “Gumai De,” “Nind Chori,” “Ainshu ka Baras,” and “Ransingh Bajo,” which are covered in this article, are examples of how versatile and captivating she is. No matter if it’s the upbeat folk beats or the sultry ballads, Priyanka Mehar’s songs have the ability to take listeners on an emotional journey and leave them with a lasting impression. Her captivating compositions continue to charm listeners and highlight the splendour of Uttarakhandi culture, so keep an eye out for them.

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