Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Attendees

  • Age limit: open to all.
  • Tickets are required for children aged 6 and up.
  • The gate will open at 12 p.m.
  • Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.
  • No refund on purchased tickets is possible in case of any cancellation or rescheduling due to any reason, including acts of god.
  • Security procedures, including frisking, remain the right of the management
  • No dangerous or potentially hazardous objects, including but not limited to weapons, knives, guns, fireworks, helmets, laser devices, bottles, or musical instruments, will be allowed in the venue and may be ejected with or without the owner from the venue.
  • The sponsors, performers, and organizers are not responsible for any injury or damage occurring due to the event. Any claims regarding the same could be settled in a regional court in Delhi.

Event Access & General Guidelines

  1. The attendee(s) shall ensure that they purchase valid ticket(s) only from the Official Website and Paytm Insider ticketing platform.
  2. The attendee(s) shall ensure that each ticket has a QR code that permits admission or entry for one person only. Upon scanning the QR code of a particular ticket(s) at the entry point once, re-entry of the attendee(s) shall not be allowed at the event. A ticket(s) shall not be counted as a valid ticket(s) if the QR code of the ticket(s) has been tampered with and is not readable.
  3. Access to the event is only possible through a valid ticket(s). Access is granted upon scanning the QR code on the ticket(s), and a wristband must be collected after getting the QR code scanned.
  4. The event organizer confirms that each ticket(s) is for a particular event day only and shall only give access to the event to the attendee(s) for that particular day only. The ticket(s) is non-transferable for any other event day.
  5. No duplicate ticket(s) will be issued for lost or stolen tickets. The attendee(s) shall purchase a new ticket(s) on account of a lost or stolen ticket(s).
  6. The box office and entry gates of the Uttarakhand Music Festival will close at 07:30 PM or earlier, as determined by the Event Organiser on an Event-to-Event basis and the Attendee(s) shall strictly adhere to the timeline mentioned. This is subject to the Venue capacity, guidelines and availability of Ticket(s).
  7. The attendee(s) shall carry an original or a digital copy of a valid government-issued photo ID proof (Driver’s license/ Aadhar/ Passport). The attendee(s) shall not be permitted to enter the event upon failure to present a valid ID proof if requested by the event organizer.
  8. Children under the age of six (six) years old are welcome to attend the event for free as long as an adult with a ticket is present, the child has a valid birth certificate, and the adult presents the certificate when the event organizer requests it.
  9. The attendee(s) confirms that the parking at the event is at the risk of the attendee(s). The event organizer shall not be held responsible for any damage to or theft of any vehicles parked at the event, whether inside or outside the event venue.
  10. Parking is subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis for each event, as per the guidelines of the venue and the relevant authorities.
  11. The attendee(s)’s purchased ticket(s) will only allow entry to the event area. The event organizer confirms that rights to admission are reserved with the event organizer.
  12. The attendee(s) shall ensure that they carry a valid ticket(s) to the venue. The event organizer shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience to the attendee(s) in cases where tickets are not bought from the ticketing platform and/or where tickets are photocopied, colored, duplicated, or forged.
  13. The attendee(s) may be videographed, filmed, photographed, and/or sound recorded for broadcast, publication, advertisement, marketing, or security purposes while at the event by the event organizer and/or by the event organizer’s sponsors and partners. The Attendee(s) hereby grant to the Event Organiser the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording, including but not limited to videos, films, photographs, and/or sound recordings of the Attendee(s), on any media channel, including social media channels globally, for broadcasting, advertising, marketing, publicity, and promotion hereto.
  14. The event organizer reserves the right to deny entry to an attendee at the event if the attendee is not following the safety guidelines during the event. In addition, the event organizer reserves the right to cancel the ticket(s) of the attendee on grounds of misdemeanour, safety of the event, and any other medical safety reasons and/or breach of these Terms.
  15. The performances and content shared by various artist’s at the event are purely intended for the purpose of entertainment. The event organizer shall not be liable for any claims resulting from an artist’s performance at the event.
  16. The ticket(s) prices for the event are subject to change based on the policies of the event organizer for any event from time to time.
  17. The event organizer and service provider may collect certain information (including but not limited to personally identifiable information) from the attendee(s), such as name, e-mail address, or telephone number, at the time of booking, registration, or payment. By agreeing to these terms, the attendee(s) consent for the event organizer and service provider to collect, receive, possess, store, deal with, and handle all information as provided herein for their own purposes in accordance with applicable laws.
  18. The event organizer specifies that access to different areas of the event is as per the ticket(s) category. Under no circumstances will any ticket holder be allowed entry or access, including but not limited to the backstage area, restricted access areas, office area, and other special access areas at the event.
  19. The event organizer reserves the right to ask an attendee(s) to vacate a particular area of the event where their ticket(s) do not allow access to them.
  20. The attendee(s) shall be provided a wristband as per the ticket(s) category post-security check entry into the event. The wristbands removed or tampered with shall be rendered invalid and will not be replaced by the event organizer. The wristbands shall be cut upon exit from the event. The attendee(s) shall mandatorily wear the wristbands at all times while attending the event.
  21. A valid ticket and a valid wristband for the relevant category (i.e., general admission, gold, or VIP) are mandatory for any attendee(s) to attend the event. In case either is lost or missing, the attendee may be asked to leave the event as per the discretion of the event organizer.
  22. The unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of Ticket(s) by any person shall lead to the cancellation of those Ticket(s) without refund or compensation and may lead to legal and other consequences subject to the discretion of the relevant Government authorities and the Event Organiser.
  23. The event organizer reserves the right to perform security checks on the attendee(s) at the entry point or at any other time at the event, including frisking, refusing admission, or evicting the attendee(s) for reasons of security.
  24. The event organizer or any of its agents, officers, or employees shall not be responsible for any injury, damage, theft, losses, or cost suffered at or as a result of the Event or any part of it related to the Event.
  25. The attendee(s) in an inebriated/drunk state will not be allowed entry at the Event.
  26. The event organizer shall be entitled to evict anyone from the Event who is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol or who, in the reasonable opinion of the event organizer, is conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner.
  27. The first aid/ basic medical facilities shall be available at the Event during the Event Timings. An ambulance on stand-by will be present at the Event in case of an emergency. However, if an Attendee meets with an injury or a health issue occurs for which the resources are not available at the Event, the Event Organiser will put in their best efforts to help and assist with any such emergency. The Event Organiser does not take any responsibility for such an event and is not liable for any such loss/harm/injury to the Attendee.
  28. All the Attendee(s) at the Event shall ensure that they cooperate with the Event organizer’s team at the Event in an ethical and a polite way.
  29. The Attendee(s) shall not be allowed to bring pets at the Event.
  30. The Event Organiser shall not be held responsible, legally, financially or otherwise, (i) for any personal property that is left, lost, stolen, destroyed, confiscated, damaged or misplaced anywhere in the Venue or at Venue access/entry points, or (ii) for personal injuries sustained by Attendee(s) arising from, or relating to, the following non-exhaustive list: extremely loud sounds and special effects, such as flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections, strobe lights and fireworks, whether such injuries or manifestation of such injuries occur during or subsequent to the Event. Attendee(s) further acknowledges and agrees that Event Organiser shall have no legal obligation to mitigate any Attendee(s) potential or actual losses sustained during the Event.
  31. The Attendee(s) agree and acknowledge that at the Event Venue there can be disruptions in the network services which may result in poor phone network, failed UPI transactions or failed credit/debit card transactions etc. In such scenarios, Zomato shall not be liable to the Attendee(s) or any third party for any loss, damage etc. resulting from such disruption in the network services.
  32. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India and subject to the Terms, the courts of New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any disputes arising out of, under, or in relation, to the provisions of these Terms.
  33. The Event Organisers shall not be responsible for any injury or damage occurred to any Attendee(s) at the Event.
  34. The Event is subject to force majeure events i.e. causes beyond the reasonable control of Event Organiser, including without limitation, acts of God, civil or military actions, acts of the public enemy, war, civil disturbances, COVID-19 lockdowns, insurrections, industrial disputes, strikes, accidents, explosions, fires, earthquakes, floods, transportation embargoes, epidemics, diseases, acts of government.
  35. Event Organiser’s aggregate liability shall not exceed the total value of the Ticket(s).
  36. Entry to the Event is subject to acceptance of all these Terms. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel or modify any Terms without any prior notice. The decision of the Event Organiser is final and binding and no correspondence shall be entered into in this regard by the Event Organiser.
  37. The Event Organiser reserves the right to change, modify, reschedule or cancel any of the performing artists or billed attractions without any liability and will not be liable to give any refund to the Attendee(s) for any such change, modification, rescheduling or cancellation of any performing artists or billed attractions at the Event.
  38. Participating restaurants and their respective menus, if any are subject to change, or cancellation at any time without notice. No refund will be given to the Attendee(s) if any restaurant is changed or cancelled.
  39. Any information and data submitted by the Attendee(s) at the Event, including without limitation, personal information, shall be governed by the Terms of Use read with the Privacy Policy of Zomato, Service Provider or any other third party where the Attendee(s) submit their data at the Event, as maybe applicable.
  40. All the Attendee(s) should provide valid contact details and other information and warrant that such information is accurate and complete. By purchasing a Ticket(s), the Attendee(s) will receive confirmation of the Ticket(s) by email, SMS, WhatsApp and/or by any other means of communication for the Event.
  41. If the Attendee(s) have any questions, you can email us at hello@uttarakhandmusicfestival.

Prohibited and Allowed Items

  • The attendee(s) are not allowed to bring any bags or storage items to the event, as the event organizer prohibits the bringing of such bags or storage items and does not provide any storage facility for them, and such bags or storage items will be confiscated at the security checkpoint of the event.
  • No professional, SLR or DSLR or Drone cameras or recording (sound or video) equipment is permitted at the Event. The Attendee(s) shall not bring such items to the Venue and shall not record the Event activities and performances including live performances without the prior written approval of the Event Organiser. The Event Organiser does not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to any such property or belongings of the Attendee(s).
  • Uttarakhand Music Festival is a non-smoking Event. Vape pens, e-cigarettes, any other smoking devices, cigarettes and lighters etc., are prohibited and would not be allowed at the Event. The Event Organiser as per their discretion can dispose of any such prohibited items as and when found.
  • Outside eatables, beverages, bottles, cans, tins, bags, illegal and banned substances and items, laptops, electronic tablets or hazardous substances or dangerous objects including but not limited to arms & ammunition, lighters, match box, aerosol and other flammable items, are not allowed inside the Event. The Event Organiser reserves the right to confiscate these items and evict the Attendee(s) from the Event if the Attendee(s) is found to be in possession of such prohibited items. Consumption and sale of illegal and banned substances by anyone at the Event is strictly prohibited and Attendee(s) found consuming, selling or possessing such illegal substances will be immediately handed over to the appropriate authorities.
  • Medical Requirements:
    i. The attendee(s) are advised to take all necessary precautions during the event. The event organizer assumes no liability if the attendee(s) suffers from any medical condition while attending the event.
    ii. The event organizer is not responsible for any ill, harmful, negative/allergic effects of food items or drinks consumed at the event by the attendee(s).
    iii. Any attendee(s) needing prescription medicine at the event must present the pharmacy-labeled container, which states the prescription, dosage, and patient name, to the medical staff at the entrance gate.
    iv. Medicines needing to be inhaled or smoked are prohibited unless in a prescribed inhaler.
    v. Attendee(s) with allergies can carry their prescribed medicines.
  • The event organizer reserves the right to determine, from time to time, the items or objects that are not allowed inside the event.