Samlaun Song by Pandavaas: A Fusion of English and Garhwali Delights Audiences



The well-known music ensemble Pandavaas from Uttarakhand has once again mesmerised fans with their newest song, “Samlaun.” This song’s distinctive blend of English and Garhwali languages makes it stand out and demonstrates the group’s originality and inventiveness. The singers and songwriters Atma Prakash Bamola and Sushant Bhatt worked together to create this magnificent piece, taking inspiration from the well-known Garhwali singer Atma Prasad Bamola. The crowd connected with the song’s passionate lyrics and multilingual fusion, making “Samlaun” a favourite among fans of the Pandavaas.

The Creative Process:

Nishant, the brains behind the combination of English and Garhwali in “Samlaun,” admitted that he was first sceptical about the possibilities of the concept. Nishant, however, learned the enormous potential that lay in fusing both languages under the tutelage of Garhwali singer Atma Prasad Bamola and composer Sushant Bhatt. The composition developed with an emphasis on capturing the difficulties and living situations seen in the area. The end product was a masterfully produced song that exceeded expectations and deeply affected listeners.

Details of the song:

The great musicians Atma Prakash Bamola, Sushant Bhatt, Shashank Nawani, and Kavindra Negi are featured in the song “Samlaun.” Lead songwriters and vocalists are Deepak Mehta and Atma Prakash Bamola, with additional lyrics provided by Sushant Bhatt. Additional voices from Deepak Naithani, Aman Dhanai, Anirudha Chandola, Anjali Khare, and Shivani Chandra add to the composition’s depth and richness. Ishaan Dobhal composed the music for “Samlaun” with skill, while musicians Pracheer Devli (Acoustic Guitar), Pankaj Nath (Flute), and Ranjeet Singh (Hudka) all contributed their talents to the track. Salil Dobhal served as the Director of Photography, and Kunal Dobhal expertly directed the video. The camera team, which includes Navdeep Saini and Rishi Panwar, makes sure the experience is visually appealing. The dedicated Pandavaas crew is in charge of the song’s production.

Reception and Impact:

“Samlaun” has received a great deal of praise from both the audience and Pandavaas devotees. The song has a special charm thanks to the blending of the English and Garhwali languages, which sets it apart from other songs in the music business. The listeners have welcomed the song with open arms because of the moving lyrics and soulful composition. The group’s dedication to safeguarding and promoting Uttarakhand’s cultural history is demonstrated by the smooth linguistic fusion, which also appeals to a larger audience outside of the area.

With the captivating song “Samlaun,” which masterfully blends the English and Garhwali languages, Pandavaas has once again demonstrated their musical prowess. This ground-breaking work demonstrates the group’s capacity to push limits and produce music that transcends linguistic boundaries. It was inspired by Atma Prasad Bamola’s inspiration and inspired by Nishant’s ingenuity. The song “Samlaun” has received a warm response from listeners, and this is evidence of the group’s commitment to their craft and their capacity to elicit strong feelings in their audience. Pandavaas’ innovative linguistic blending and alluring melodies will definitely have a lasting effect on both the music business and their audience as they continue to produce ground-breaking music.