Genda Phool- Priyanka Meher, Badshah and Rongpaz work together to create the Pahadi twist with this version



In response to fervent fan demand, Badshah, Priyanka Meher, and Rongpaz have collaborated to create the official Pahadi rendition of the hugely successful international track “Genda Phool.” With the help of this cooperation, the well-known song gets a new spin that captures the spirit of Pahadi culture. This version, which features real Pahadi lyrics by Rongpaz and Badshah, Priyanka Meher’s captivating voice, and Badshah’s rap, is sure to enthral listeners with its distinctive fusion of genres.

Song information:

The singers for “Genda Phool” in Pahadi are Badshah, Priyanka Meher, and Rongpaz. Priyanka Meher, Rongpaz, Badshah, and Jacqueline Fernandez all appear in the celebrity-studded song video. Rongpaz wrote the Pahadi version’s lyrics, and Badshah wrote the rap lines. Aditya Dev created the musical arrangements, Mohit Silswal directed the video, and Vivek Vision shot it. The costumes are taken care of by Aishwarya Bailwal, while the editing is done by Rongpaz. The song is made available under the Sony Music India label.

The Original “Genda Phool”:

The first iteration of “Genda Phool” was a huge success that swept the globe. It is performed by Badshah and Payal Dev, with Badshah handling the lyrics and composition. The song features Badshah’s distinctive musical style and combines Bengali folk influences. The music is composed by Aditya Dev, while Tapas Roy contributes his skill as a Dotara player. Sony Music India Pvt Ltd produced the music video, which is directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli. Since its debut on July 13, 2020, the original version has received over 8 million views on Sony Music India’s YouTube channel.

The Pahadi Twist:

The song “Genda Phool” has a new dimension in the Pahadi version. The song takes on a distinctive flavour that honours Uttarakhand’s culture and customs thanks to Rongpaz’s Pahadi lyrics. The original piece gains new insight from the collaboration between Badshah, Priyanka Meher, and Rongpaz, enthralling listeners with its distinctive fusion of current and Pahadi sounds. The combination of Rongpaz’s Pahadi lyrics, Priyanka Meher’s soulful singing, and Badshah’s rap produces a captivating musical experience that connects with listeners.

Reception and Popularity:

The Pahadi rendition of “Genda Phool” has gotten a lot of attention and appreciation since it was posted on Sony Music India’s YouTube account. Fans have loved the song’s blend of modern and Pahadi themes, which has helped it become a smash hit. The song has connected with listeners thanks to its contagious beats, alluring visuals, and emotional lyrics, further establishing Badshah, Priyanka Meher, and Rongpaz as outstanding musicians who continue to push boundaries and experiment with various musical genres.

As they give the number-one hit fresh life, Badshah, Priyanka Meher, and Rongpaz’s Pahadi rendition of “Genda Phool” demonstrates their talent as musicians. In addition to showcasing the Pahadi culture’s beauty, this collaboration showcases the musicians’ prowess in fusing several musical genres in a seamless manner. The song’s enduring attraction to audiences around the world is confirmed by the enormous popularity and enthusiastic response to the Pahadi version. The Pahadi rendition of “Genda Phool” is a singular example of cultural fusion and musical innovation thanks to its blend of Pahadi and modern elements.