Asheem Mangoli: Uttarakhand’s Music Maestro

Asheem Mangoli, popularly known as “Mangoli Sahab” in Uttarakhand, is a musical virtuoso and composer who has made an everlasting impression on the region’s music scene. Asheem Mangoli, the most sought-after music composer in Uttarakhand today, has an unrivalled aptitude for crafting captivating beats and innovative compositions.

A Musical Legacy:

Coming from a musical family, Asheem Mangoli’s journey into the realm of songs was predestined from the start. From his musical background, he gained a love of music and a talent for writing catchy compositions. But what distinguishes him is his unique ability to blend traditional melodies with contemporary sounds, resulting in a musical synthesis that appeals to both young and old listeners.

A Trained Classical Vocalist:

Asheem Mangoli’s prowess extends beyond composition. He is a trained classical vocalist, and this classical foundation serves as the bedrock of his compositions. His command over classical music gives depth and richness to his creations, making them resonate with the soul of the audience.

The Hitmaker:

Asheem Mangoli is known for his amazing ability to create chart-topping tunes that inspire listeners to get up and dance. His music stands out for its enticing lyrics that tell tales about the culture and people of Uttarakhand as well as its addictive beats and vibrant rhythms.

Collaborations in Bollywood:

Asheem Mangoli’s brilliance crosses regional bounds. He has dabbled with Bollywood, working with prominent playback singers like as Udit Narayan, Palak Muchhal, and others. His Bollywood ventures have not only received acclaim, but have also introduced a global audience to the soul of Uttarakhand.

The Sound of Uttarakhand:

Asheem Mangoli’s compositions have become an important part of the cultural fabric of Uttarakhand. His songs have touched people all over the state, and his music has become synonymous with the spirit of Uttarakhand.

Asheem Mangoli will perform live at UMF in December 2023:

You will get the rare opportunity to see Asheem Mangoli’s musical creativity come to life on stage at the Uttarakhand Music Festival (UMF) in December 2023. Prepare to be captivated as he takes you on a musical trip like no other.

Asheem Mangoli’s concert at UMF promises to be a demonstration of his outstanding talent, seamlessly combining traditional and contemporary music. Whether you’ve been a fan of Asheem Mangoli’s music for a long time or are discovering it for the first time, seeing him live at UMF is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

Join us in December at UMF and be swept away by Asheem Mangoli’s thrilling tunes and compelling stage presence. It’s a musical spectacle that promises to be the festival’s highlight and a moment you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Prepare to dance, groove, and celebrate the spirit of Uttarakhand with Asheem Mangoli’s wonderful music.

Stay tuned for further UMF updates, where we will present you to even more outstanding performers who will bless our festival with their extraordinary talents.